🐦Ostrich Oil For Hair 30ml @ Minyak Burung Unta Tonik Rambut 30ml🐦



🐦Ostrich Oil For Hair 30ml🐦


🐦Repair Damaged Hair

🐦Healthy Scalp

🐦Promotes Hair Growth

🐦Maintain Hair Strenght


🐦Membaiki Rambut Rosak

🐦Menyihatkan Kulit Kepala

🐦Menggalakkan Pertumbuhan Rambut

🐦Mengekalkan Kekuatan Rambut

Ingredients: Olea Europea Oil, Ostrich Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, Mentha Piperita Oil.


Is Ostrich oil good for hair?
OMEGA FATTY ACIDS: Ostrich oil is high in omegas 3,6 and 9, supporting collagen production to restore healthy, supple skin. 
HEALTHY HAIR: Nourishing hair, this 100% pure ostrich oil helps eliminate split ends and restores a natural and healthy shine to hair.
How often should I use Ostrich Oil for hair growth?
For optimal results, we recommend using 100% pure natural Ostrich Oil topically on the area of the skin affected by hair loss. A few drops of the oil can be massaged into the scalp and the hair each night. The following morning the treated areas can be washed and this process can be repeated every night.
Where does ostrich oil come from?
Ostrich oil comes from the fat of the ostrich, which is found between the ostrich's muscle and skin. The biggest flightless bird in the world, the Ostrich has been a valuable source of food, leather, and personal care purposes for thousands of years for many native tribes.

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